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Online air cooler/air blast cooler dry cleaning

Externally fouled air cooled heat exchangers (air coolers, fin-fans), steam condensers (ACC's), and air blast coolers (dry air coolers), suffer from performance issues that become apparent when ambient temperatures increase.

TSOL's eco-friendly cleaning media are a proprietary mixture of natural mineral crystals, and are the most effective method to clean all types of air cooler and deliver the largest possible increases in airflow.

Our dry crystals pulverise and clear out even extreme amounts of fouling, including leaves and bird feathers. They also polish the fins, thereby removing tough deposits such as scale.

All our media are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-sparking and non-corrosive. They require no waste treatment, are compatible with all types of metallurgy, and approved for use in Zone-1 applications.

Online boiler/fired-heater cleaning treatment

TSOL provides the most effective cleaning treatment of radiant and convection heat transfer surfaces for waste/oil/coal/biomass fired combustion equipment, carried out whilst the unit is in operation.

Engineered chemicals react with deposits to remove stickiness, and neutralise harmful, corrosive compounds. There is no interference with combustion, no damage to refractory or thermocouples, and no thermal shock to heat transfer surfaces.

Key benefits : 1) improved thermal efficiency  2) extended intervals between shutdowns  3) reduced fuel consumption  4) reduced sulphuric acid corrosion  5) reduced air pollution

Air cooler performance audits and revamps

If you require additional cooling after cleaning, we can undertake a comprehensive performance audit.

Our engineers determine the maximum attainable heat transfer, evaluate the heat exchanger/fan/motor performance and condition, and identify potential modifications.

After the site visit, we calculate the actual thermal design and simulate the effects of various upgrades on your unit, providing evidence-based recommendations for the optimal way to improve your cooling capacity.

Offline furnace convection coil cleaning

Stack temperatures higher than design indicate a build-up of fouling on tube exteriors, especially in the convection section. Increasing the firing rate to compensate the loss of heat transfer means downstream coils become overheated, thereby shortening service life.

Fouling deposits exhibit numerous properties, making them difficult to remove with conventional cleaning methods. For instance, wetted ash turns into a thick paste that sets like concrete.

Our dry cleaning system and crystal media were developed to remove debris from multiple layers of finned tubes, and deliver  excellent cleaning results on furnace and process heater convection coils.

This ensures the highest quality cleaning of all tube layers, even with restricted access. Since we do not use water, there is no risk of damage to the refractory or insulation, nor of corrosion from water mixing with ash.

Online air cooler pressure washing

Many operators have some form of water jetting system installed on their air cooled heat exchangers / ACC's for washing the tube bundles. In this case, TSOL can:

Clean - Execute pressure washing works using the plant's existing set-up

Maintain - Carry out maintenance and repair of third-party water-jetting systems

Evaluate - Determine the optimum way to improve reliability and/or performance of existing washing systems

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