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Online air cooler dry cleaning 

Proprietary eco-friendly mineral crystal media pulverises fouling and scale

Online boiler/furnace treatment

Dry out sticky ash deposits and neutralise, harmful corrosive compounds, from firebox to stack

Online air blast cooler cleaning

Eco-friendly crystal media delicately removes all airborne debris

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Pneumatic dosing systems

Inject chemicals into process units (e.g. boilers, fired-heaters) for continuous treatment 24/365

Air cooler cleaning systems

Customised full- and semi-automated water jetting systems for horizontal and A-frame units

Air cooler fogging systems

Bespoke water mist systems that provide additional cooling capacity when needed

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Case Study: Air Cooler Descaling
A large refinery in Germany had been spraying municipal water onto their air cooler bundles during hotter months for many years. The water evaporated and the minerals slowly built up, severely restricting heat transfer. The refinery brought in the most well known German industrial service companies, but none of them were able to remove the deposits. Before replacing the tube bundles, they gave TSOL a chance. When the client's process engineer came to see the results of our efforts, he was stunned.

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