Technology Transfer

On-call Know How

If you are a service provider interested in purchasing a CRYSTAL CLEAN ® system, you may have concerns, such as convincing clients to use your service and responding to technical queries.

When starting a new venture, it is vital to win clients over from the start, as well as ensuring that the initial projects are a success. A reliable, experienced partner is a valuable asset under such circumstances.

Working with TSOL means your company can have access to on-call support, which will provide you with the best chance of success.

  • Possibility for exclusive access to TSOL in an agreed territory
  • TSOL supervising your projects
  • Review client documentation
  • Advice on estimation and job planning
  • Sales & marketing support


TSOL offers professional instruction for your personnel so that they can safely operate the cleaning systems we supply.

Our training programmes have been carefully constructed and developed in accordance with the highest industry standards. The training is conducted at your facility, and we are capable of adapting courses to suit the trainees’ cultural backgrounds. 

We have successfully trained a wide variety of nationalities, including: Arab nationals, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Indians, Nepalis, and Pakistanis.