TSOL’s SMART MIST ® is a peak cooling (fogging) system that delivers micro-sized water droplets at the optimal location on the inlet of an air fin cooler, to deliver a substantial increase in cooling capacity when needed.

Fortunately, higher ambient temperatures are accompanied by a drop in humidity. SMART MIST ® maintains the humidity of the inlet air at 100%; water evaporates as it passes through the tube bundle, thereby drawing out more process heat. This enhanced cooling method creates the same effect as decreasing the inlet air temperature by a minimum of 6°C.

Each SMART MIST ® system is custom-made from the highest quality components to fit the exact requirements of your unit. Water supply can be demineralised or process water equivalent, such as boiler feed. Our systems consume the minimum amount of water whilst achieving the biggest cooling effect.


  • Provides up to 6°C drop in process outlet temperature
  • Suitable for any type of air fin cooler
  • Installed with process online
  • Complete evaporation of water ensures zero waste
  • Adjustable level of cooling boost
  • No negative effect on airflow
  • No structural modification or welding required
  • Low running costs

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