TSOL places paramount importance on Quality, Health & Safety, and the Environment (QHSE). We add value by not only boosting a plant’s production capacity, but also improving the efficiency of the process equipment, thereby reducing energy wastage and harmful emissions.


Our goal is to achieve the optimal balance between QHSE and profit considerations.

With our QHSE Policy, we aim to provide services that comply with the stringent requirements of our clients.

TSOL ensures the safety, health and welfare of all its employees, sub-contractors and visitors.

We meet all legislative requirements for safety, working conditions and the environment.


TSOL strives for continuous improvement in all aspects of QHSE. 

  • We carry out the necessary quality controls to make sure that no production failure occurs.
  • We only use subcontractors that work according to both legislative and TSOL’s requirements for QHSE.
  • We consider the occurrence of any accidents unacceptable, and aim for zero accident.
  • We implement measures to prevent environmental incidents, and aim for zero incident.

To comply with our QHSE Policy, TSOL has established a documented QHSE Manual which is reviewed on an annual basis.

All members of the organisation are responsible for:

  • maintaining all QHSE aspects of our services
  • taking care of their own safety and that of others
  • minimising the environmental burden of their own activities as much as possible

Every employee and subcontractor is aware of and agrees to abide by the above Policy and Objectives.