Online Furnace Cleaning


Fouling deposits form on heat exchange surfaces in the path of flue gas in furnaces, boilers, and incinerators, from:

  • Incomplete combustion
  • Poor quality fuel
  • Inefficient burners
  • Ineffective soot blowers

CHEM MIST ® has been developed for the effective online cleaning of heat transfer surfaces, and is suitable for all heater designs, draft types, and fuel types.

TSOL’s specially engineered chemicals react with fouling deposits to remove stickiness, and neutralise harmful, corrosive compounds.


  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Extended intervals between shutdowns
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced air pollution
  • Reduced sulphuric acid corrosion
  • No interference with combustion
  • No damage to refractory or thermocouples
  • No thermal shock to heat transfer surfaces

Process Overview

  • Furnace, fuel type, and degree of fouling are assessed
  • Optimum chemical mixture is injected into the firebox through external openings
  • Chemical decomposes to form a fine mist that mixes with and follows flue gas
  • Oxidation and neutralisation causes fouling to lose its adhesion to metal and refractory surfaces
  • Dry, friable deposits are easily removed by air blowing

Interested in offline dry cleaning of furnaces and boilers?