Minimise downtime and emissions

Turnarounds are time critical, with every minute of downtime costing the operator lost revenue. Before work can get underway, all hazardous substances must be removed from the plant equipment.

Traditional high-temperature steam decontamination is inefficient and requires an excessive amount of time to achieve satisfactory results.

By employing high performance chemistry, TSOL effectively and efficiently removes the riskiest contaminants, thereby allowing inspections, hot work, or additional cleaning to proceed safely.

Decontamination can be achieved by circulating chemicals at low concentration, injecting chemicals with steam, or a combination of both. The exact approach depends on the equipment configuration, fouling mechanism, and deposit analysis.

Improved waste stream separation

Post-cleaning waste streams are easier to manage and 70% of waste-water can be processed by a plant’s water treatment.

High-risk substances such as hydrocarbons and H2S are encapsulated in the cleaning chemicals. This keeps the volume of hazardous waste to a minimum, and allows easier waste reprocessing and hydrocarbon recovery.

Online Steam Monitoring

A related service we offer is measuring the amount of hydrocarbons in the steam, which considerably reduces the steam-out period, sometimes by more than 50 %.

We are capable of measuring total hydrocarbons, LEL, H2S, Benzene, and the presence of Iron Sulfides.


  • Sample results available in under 10 minutes
  • Minimise quantity of steam required
  • Reduce quantity of condensate produced
  • Provide indication of an internal leak

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