Convection Coil Cleaning

CRYSTAL CLEAN ® was developed for cleaning multiple layers of finned tubes, and TSOL has evolved its system for the effective and efficient off-line cleaning of furnace and process heater convection coils.

Stack temperatures higher than design indicate a build-up of fouling on furnace tubes and that cleaning is required.

Potential recovered heat is leaked into furnace stack gases, meaning increased heat losses. Also downstream convection coils can become overheated, thereby shortening service life.

The accumulation of fouling is a gradual process that can go unnoticed over many years of service. Fouling deposits can exhibit sticky, rubbery like properties that make it difficult to remove with conventional cleaning methods.

Furnace ash is acidic and so cleaning with water causes corrosion and reduced service life. Furthermore wetted ash turns into a thick paste, which dries hard like concrete and is difficult to remove.

Safe & Effective

  • Provides the highest quality cleaning of all tube layers, even with restricted access
  • 100% dry, so no risk of water damage to refractory or insulation
  • No water can mix with acidic ash, which means no corrosion
  • No water means no wetted ash that is difficult to remove when dry
  • Typically faster than water jetting and chemical cleaning

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