TSOL offers high performance water jet cleaning systems for horizontal forced-draft and A-frame (ACC) units.

Our cleaning systems produce a minimum of 1300 psi (90 bar) at the nozzle with no risk of fin damage, as the water jets remain the optimum distance from tubes and always perpendicular to fins.

Fixed & Non-hazardous Applications

For fixed installations with sufficient power requirements, we can supply an electrically powered water pump skid, and an electric spray head motor for non-hazardous areas.

A-frame steam condensers without maintenance ladders and horizontal forced-draft units require a permanently installed truss and lateral guide-rail for sideways movement of the spray head along the unit.

For ACC’s with maintenance ladders, we can install the vertical guide-rail directly onto the the ladder.

Portable & Hazardous Applications

For cleaning in explosive atmospheres, we recommend a portable diesel powered water pump skid with overspeed cut-off valve, and a pneumatic spray head drive motor.

Range of Control Options

Manual systems feature a control panel with a lever to change vertical direction and adjustable spray head speed, with manual horizontal adjustment. Semi-automatic systems add sensors that automatically return the spray head in the opposite vertical direction.

Automatic systems feature both vertical and horizontal movement controlled by a programmed PLC, meaning a complete ACC can be cleaned at the touch of a button.

Adjustable Spray Heads

For service companies that will use the system at different installations we can supply an adjustable spray head that provides optimum cleaning for all tube layout configurations.

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