Air Fin Cooler Optimisation

Diagnostic Survey

One of our heat transfer engineers will conduct a site visit to take measurements and gather data, including:

  • Heat exchanger performance & condition
  • Fan performance
  • Air cooler maximum duty
  • Possible areas of improvement

Simulation & Modeling

The survey data is input into advanced computer software that builds an accurate thermal model of how the air cooler is currently performing, which is then used as a base to simulate potential modifications.

Performance Guarantee

Using simulations means we can be certain of the resulting performance improvement, and so can guarantee the cooling capacity increases for our work.

Impartial Advice

TSOL has no ties to specific manufacturers so we can provide independent recommendations, and the optimum performance upgrade for your application.

Modifications & Upgrades

We implement our recommendations by carrying out modifications and installing performance upgrades. All our work is backed by a performance guarantee.