Air Fin Cooler Cleaning

Externally fouled air cooled heat exchangers (air fin coolers, or Fin-Fans), steam condensers (ACC’s), and air blast coolers suffer from performance issues, which become apparent when the ambient temperature increases.

CRYSTAL CLEAN ® is the most effective way to clean induced-draft, forced-draft, and ACC type units. Our dry crystal pulverises and clears out even extreme amounts of fouling, including bird feathers. It also gently polishes the fins, which removes tough deposits such as scale.

TSOL operators are experienced in utilising CRYSTAL CLEAN ® to deliver the largest possible increases in airflow.

Quick Results

  • Machine and portable air compressor kept at grade
  • Hoses run up to elevated platform by hand
  • Operator cleans in the direction of airflow from below the cooler
  • Reach all parts of a bundle without a platform directly underneath
  • Unlikely to require crane or scaffolding


  • Provides the highest quality cleaning with process online
  • Suitable for all types of air fin cooler & process
  • Ensures fouling is removed from all tube layers
  • Virtually zero risk of damage to aluminium fins
  • ACC and induced-draft fans are kept running during cleaning
  • No water damage to motors, E&I and insulation
  • No risk of corrosion

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